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Attorney: ( Sorted by Date ) 2013/2014
16-APR-14 Ltr to Property Appraiser re riparian rights
16-APR-14 Letter transmitting sealed Transcript of Private Attorney Client Session to the Clerk re case of City of Stuart CRA TIF 13-CA-1816
14-APR-14 BCC re Appeal of Code Enforcement Case of Greenberg, Case No. 13-0074859 (Modular Home Permanent Foundation)
10-APR-14 Hon. L. Mirman re Shewmaker, et al. v John L. Campbell, et al., Case No. 2013-CA-1511
10-APR-14 Hon. C. Disque re Martin County v Jacqueline Beth Ciocca, Case No. 13-PT-842
08-APR-14 T. McNeill re Household Finance Corp v Stephen Beasley, Case No. 2010-CC-135
07-APR-14 Timmann v. Vista Del Lago Letter to Martin Co. Sheriff for service upon Vista Del Lago
07-APR-14 Timmann v. Vista Letter to Broward Sheriff for service on Bank of America
07-APR-14 C. Timman v. Vista Del Lago
07-APR-14 Timmann v Bank of America Letter to Atty. Farrar for service on Rothschild
07-APR-14 Timmann v. Bank of America Letter to Martin Co. Sheriff for service on Indian Pines
07-APR-14 Timmann v. Bank of America Letter to Broward Co. Sheriff for service upon Bank of America
07-APR-14 BCC re Two Commissioners Attending Political Party Fundraising Forum
03-APR-14 Martin Co. v. Jimmy Lou Banks-Letter to V. Veski with return of check
01-APR-14 Jill Creech - Home Rule Powers
01-APR-14 Hugo Carter - Home Rule Powers
28-MAR-14 Clerk re sealed Private Session Transcript in Lake Point case 2013-CA-1321 02-18-14
27-MAR-14 M. Mortell re: City of Stuart CRA TIF lawsuit
19-MAR-14 Mortell and Nicoletti re Settlement Offer, City of Stuart Florida CRA v Laurel Kelly, etc., et al., Case 2013-CA-1816
13-MAR-14 BCC re Code Enforcement Case of Martin County, Florida v. Stuart and Jane Greenberg
12-MAR-14 Memo_Fielding_PRR
12-MAR-14 BCC_IAFF_correspondence
12-MAR-14 Funds_Owed_County_City_memo
12-MAR-14 McGladrey_Clerk_Audit
12-MAR-14 McGladrey_2013AuditLtr
10-MAR-14 MDD to BOCC re: Annual Review of County Attorney
07-MAR-14 C. Martin re: Pacific Legal Foundation's public records request of 1/17/14
07-MAR-14 Return of check and statement
07-MAR-14 ServiceOfProcess_BCC
28-FEB-14 RiskMgmt_Anderson
28-FEB-14 Department Projects Memo
28-FEB-14 Islesworth_NewTrafficControlAgmt
28-FEB-14 BCCmemo_PalmCove
28-FEB-14 SunshineLawCLEmemo
28-FEB-14 Andreassi_PRR_phonerecords
27-FEB-14 Clerk re Private Attorney-Client Session Transcript in City of Stuart CRA TIF case, 13-CA-1816
27-FEB-14 E. Loeb re Public Records Request dated Jan. 22, 2014
27-FEB-14 M. Mortell re: City of Stuart CRA TIF lawsuit
18-FEB-14 Chase re Estate of Anthony Dolphin
12-FEB-14 Use of Impact Fee
07-FEB-14 Paul Nicoletti re Greenberg, Apollo Street
30-JAN-14 letter to Megan Roach re PNC v. Copeland
24-JAN-14 S. Konopka re Greenberg permit for 9211 SE Apollo Street
23-JAN-14 BCC_Invocations Memo
23-JAN-14 Ltr_Stephen Fry_010913ar
23-JAN-14 Ltr_Aida Fry_010913ar
23-JAN-14 Anderson_ClaimOfLien
23-JAN-14 BCC_TIF_AttyGenLtr
23-JAN-14 BCC_ConsumptiveUsePermitting
23-JAN-14 Sunshine, Public Records, Ethic Laws Memo
22-JAN-14 Clerk of Sarasota County
31-DEC-13 G. Frantzis re PNC Bank, etc. v Kelly J. Copeland, etc., et al., Case 2013 CA 1683
30-DEC-13 Bryan D. McLaughlin, Esq. re John F. Harvey, Jr., As Trustee, etc. v. Kimberly Townsend, as Personal Rep., etc., et al., Case No. 2013-CA-1686
23-DEC-13 Hon. C. Disque re Martin County v Judy Kay Wilson, Case No. 2013 AC 240
23-DEC-13 on. C. Disque re Martin County v Riley M. Bass, Case No. 2013 AC 523
23-DEC-13 Clerk re Sealed Transcript from Private Atty Client Session 12 3 13 in Martin County Conservation Alliance and 1000 Friends of Florida case 1D09-4956
16-DEC-13 BCC_EthicsTraining
16-DEC-13 Smith-Kennedy_NotSelected
16-DEC-13 Fender_NotSelected
16-DEC-13 Smith_NotSelected
16-DEC-13 Hon. J. McCann re Wells Fargo Bank, NA v. Paul R. Walker, Jr., et al., Case 432013CA001551
12-DEC-13 Sherlock re Jenkins' Stips
06-DEC-13 BCC_GuideLegalSufficiencyReview
05-DEC-13 WhitemarshReserveTrafficControlPkg_2013_Ltr
05-DEC-13 Special Council Fee Agreement - Tanya Fender
05-DEC-13 Mathis_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Yerkes_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Wainaina_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Wade_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Siegfreid_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Sabo_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Radcliffe_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Potter_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Norbraten_WithdrewApp
05-DEC-13 Morgan_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Moran_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Merten_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 McDonie_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Lira_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Lancaster_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Lane_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Lake_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Katz_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Hulbert_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Herrmann_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Hawkins_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Green_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Finn_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Farwell_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Eighmie_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Egber_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 DiNovo_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 DeLorenzo_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Cohen_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Bosch_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Boning_NotSelected
05-DEC-13 Acosta_NotSelected
03-DEC-13 M. Wolfe, Esq. re Wells Fargo Bank NA v Paul R. Walker, Jr., et al., Case 2013-CA-1551
03-DEC-13 Hon. C. Disque re Various Animal Control Cases Scheduled for Non-Jury Trial on Nov. 14, 2013
03-DEC-13 Hon. C. Disque re Martin County v Marie Gregory, Case No. 13-323ACMA
26-NOV-13 Hon. C. Disque re Martin County v N. Marie Gregory, Case No. 2013-AC-586
26-NOV-13 Hon. C. Disque re Martin County v Jodi R. Fogel-Tribble, Case No. 2013 AC 476
26-NOV-13 Hon. C. Disque re Martin County v Michael Deshawn Harris, Case No. 2013 AC 677
26-NOV-13 Hon. C. Disque re Martin County v Dennis Rose III, Case No. 2013 AC 623
21-NOV-13 Pennock_agmt
21-NOV-13 AGO--TIF Matter
21-NOV-13 SFWMD_ProposedRule_DefinePosting
21-NOV-13 CrossingsHOA_TrafficControlPkg
20-NOV-13 M. Dermody, Esq. re Tax Deed Certificate 2010-0329
12-NOV-13 Memo to BCC re Fla Bar Journal Article
04-NOV-13 Nathaniel Reed regarding modular response
04-NOV-13 Sunshine, Public Records & Ethics Law
29-OCT-13 Jennifer Essler, Historical Society re Management Agrmt for House of Refuge
23-OCT-13 Clerk re: Nationstar Mortgage, LLC v. Matthew A. Carlson, etc., et al., Case No. 2013CA000824
16-OCT-13 M. Woods re Dangerous Dog Determination Hearing
10-OCT-13 Memo to BCC re County Letter to FDEP re Lake Point Restoration Concrete Batch Plant Permit
10-OCT-13 Golden Gate Code Violations
10-OCT-13 Hon. K. Roberts re State v Keith James Zelazney, Case No. 09-3136 MMA
03-OCT-13 Hon. C. Disque re November Court Date for Animal Control and Parking cases

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