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Development Review Services - Interactive Guide
To view current development applications and projects, go to Project Summaries and view the list of open or done applications. To obtain an explanation of the various types of development application forms, please refer to Article 10 of the Martin County Land Development Regulations (LDR), Sections 10.11 and 10.14. To view the applications and the filing requirements, go to Application Submittal.

Zoning & Land Use Maps
Basic property information including zoning, future land use, aerial pictures, roads, wetland probabilities, and subdivision maps are available online through our Interactive Map Service and choose the General Map to search by owner name, owner address, or parcel number then activate the Land Use and Zoning as desired. You can also view the current Proposed Developments Map as well as other maps available.

Zone Districts, Setbacks, and Permitted Uses
To view the Category "A" and Category "B" zoning districts, setbacks, and permitted uses, go to Volume 2 Land Development Regulations, Article 3, Division 2. The provisions of the Category "C" districts are found within Division 7. Obtaining Zoning Approval.

NOTE: No new development shall be approved within any Category "C" zoning district unless the Future Land Use Designation of the parcel is as shown in Division 7,Section 3.402 “table”, Column 2, and the proposed development does not involve uses listed in Column 3. However, it does not prohibit the approval of residential dwellings and their accessory structures on any lot of record that existed as of March 29, 2002, provided that such development is otherwise allowed within the zoning district and is consistent with the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan.

Comprehensive Growth Management Plan. Variances A variance allows a deviation from the dimensional (i.e., height, bulk, yard) requirements and may be granted only upon demonstration of hardship based on the peculiarity of the property in relation to other properties in the same zone district. Upon receipt of a completed application, the applicant must demonstrate justification for the request and the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BOZA) shall determine whether the granting of the variance will be in harmony with the general purpose and intent of the LDR and will not be injurious to the neighborhood or be detrimental to the public welfare. To view the variance procedures and requirements, go to Martin County Code, Volume 2 LDR, Article 9, Section 9.5.

Obtaining Zoning Approval:

Occupational Licenses
The Martin County Tax Collector issues occupational licenses. Prior to obtaining a license, zoning approval is required from the Martin County Growth Management Department. In addition, the fire marshal must inspect the premises to determine compliance with the applicable fire codes.
If the proposed use involves the storage of chemicals, the applicant must also contact the Martin County Utilities Department and the Martin County Health Department. If the business involves food preparation, review by the Florida Department of Business Regulation is required.

Alcoholic Beverages
The State Division of Alcohol Beverages and Tobacco provides an application form which includes a section for a zoning compliance determination by the Martin County Growth Management Department for alcoholic beverage sales and consumption. The Martin County Code also regulates premises that serve alcoholic beverages and requires approval by the Board of County Commission specifically for the 4COP and the SRX licenses. To view the Code requirements, go to Martin County Code, Volume 1 Code of Ordinances, Chapter 5.

Peddler & Itinerant Licenses
Peddlers and itinerant merchants both require licensing that are issued by the Martin County Tax Collector. However, completion of an application and a zoning compliance determination is required by the Martin County Growth Management Department prior to the issuance of a peddler/itinerant identification card. Certain conditions must be met such as determining whether the proposed use is consistent with the property’s zoning classification, determining whether the applicant has been granted permission from the property owner, and providing access to sanitary facilities. To view the requirements, go to Martin County Code, Volume 1 Code of Ordinances, Chapter 123, Article 2.

Promotional Sign Permit
A temporary sign permit may be obtained to promote a special event, grand opening, or seasonal sale. An application and a zoning compliance determination by the Martin County Growth Management Department are required. These permits are limited to; commercial and industrial use areas only; length of time for the event; the number of events held each year. If a tent is to be used, inspection from the fire marshal is required. To view the requirements, go to Martin County Code, Volume 2 Land Development Regulations, Article 4, Division 16, Subdivision 1, Section 4.697.B.

Important Phone Numbers:  
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