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Marine Waste Services

Martin Ship Pump Out Operation Program “M.S. POOP”

During the winter months our call volume goes way up, so please be patient. The sewage boat will get to you as soon as possible.

Martin County provides sewage removal from vessels within Martin Counties’ waterways in a safe and responsible manner supporting the efforts of the Clean River Initiative. This service is both cost effective and convenient for boat owners.

How Does the Program Work?

  • The “M.S. POOP” is stationed in the Manatee Pocket and customers can arrange for service either by VHS marine radio channel 16 or cell phone by calling 772-260-8326.
  • When a customer has contacted the operator of the “M.S. POOP” a time will be arranged.
  • Service is available Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • The “M.S. POOP” shows up and connects a hose to the waste fitting on the vessel. The operator then starts the waste removal pump and removes the waste contained in the holding tank(s).
  • The customer is issued a disposal receipt and the “M.S. POOP” leaves.
  • Waste is transported to a county operated wastewater treatment facility.
  • There is no charge for this service and the operator is not allowed to accept any kind of tips. 

    Questions regarding this program can be answered by calling the pump boat operator at: 772-260-8326 or VHF Channel 16 Tuesday thru Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm, or by calling the Martin County Utilities and Solid Waste Department at: 772-221-1442.

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