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Effective July 1, 2015 the Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014) will become effective.  All permit applications and plans submitted on/or after that date must comply with this edition.  To view the code online, visit or

Effective October 1, 2014 the Martin County Building Department will no longer define the “Lowest Permitted Finished Floor Elevation” for new structures where a finished floor elevation has not already been previously defined by an approved final site plan, as has been the practice in the past.

Effective October 1, 2014 the design professional (Architect, Engineer, Surveyor, etc..) associated with the proposed construction project shall specify a finish floor elevation consistent with the applicable requirements of local, state and federal regulations regarding final finished floor elevations. The design professional shall account for the minimum benchmarks with respect to the adjacent road elevation(s) or specific flood zone (where applicable) in accordance with the current FEMA regulations as amended by the Martin County Land Development Regulations relative to flood protection and the applicable provisions of the Florida Building Code as well as any other external considerations.

Likewise the design professional shall provide a drainage plan as part of the permit application submittals to demonstrate compliance with the applicable provisions of the Martin County Land Development Regulations in order to assure that adjacent properties are not negatively impacted by storm water runoff. Such detail shall be provided when the existing property has been modified to a degree that could impact the adjacent properties.

It is the responsibility of the design professional(s) to assure that they have received the applicable approvals from other local, state and federal governing agencies and jurisdictions that may play a regulatory role in the final finish floor elevation as well as any storm water runoff/containment.



The Martin County Building Department STRONGLY URGES all local Building Permit applicants to accomplish their submissions via digital/electronic media. For those submissions that require signed and sealed documents prepared by a Florida Licensed Architect, Engineer, Surveyor or Interior Designer pursuant to Florida Statutes, your design professionals SHOULD begin utilizing an approved software system (P.E.D.D.S. - Professionals Electronic Data Delivery System) available to them free of charge from the Florida Department of Transportation and compliant with the applicable Florida Statutes governing these Professionals. (See instructions below)

Submitting to the Building Department in this fashion will greatly increase the speed in which your permit is moved into the permit workflow which is an electronic and paperless process. Otherwise, the Building Department staff must convert your paper submittal(s) to a digital format which is a labor-intensive effort that must be accomplished by in-house staff in addition to their primary permitting roles, AS A SECONDARY SERVICE WE PROVIDE WHEN TIME PERMITS.

Martin County PEDDS User Guide

The Martin County Building Department is now recommending the PEDDS system for electronic plan submittal. 

Online Permitting Applicant User Guide

This is a step-by-step instruction guide to our electronic plan submittal process, showing registered Martin County contractors how to apply for and receive a KIVACitizen login username and password to submit permit applications and electronically submit building plans to ProjectDox.

Online Permit System

The Online Permit System provides registered Martin County contractors with an indepth Online Building Permit Application Manual, as well as information on how to view applications and permits, look up addresses and parcels, frequently asked questions (FAQs), schedule inspections and renew licenses.

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Owner/Builders are required to apply for permits in person.
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New Impact Fees:  Impact Fees June 17 2013

All permit applications are fillable and available online.

NOTICE - ProjectDox/Online Permit Printing
Effective September 30, 2013, we will no longer print approved permit documents. Electronically processed plans and permits will be readily available online to the applicant.

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bid and contract oportunities

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