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In keeping with Martin County's historic vision of providing and maintaining an environmentally sound and sustainable quality of living, the Board of County Commissioners, in 2008, made Florida Green Government a strategic element of focus. As a member of both the United States Green Building Council and the Florida Green Building Coalition, Martin County will demonstrate a significant commitment to establishing policies, guidelines, goals, and strategic actions to promote sustainability and energy conservation throughout the County.

Martin County Turns Green to Gold

The General Services Department has received confirmation from the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) that Martin County has achieved the gold level certification as a Green Local Government. This honor is in recognition of Martin County's efforts in creating and applying sustainable green practices to local government. As of this date, of the eight county governments that have one of three green levels of achievement (silver, gold, or platinum), Martin County has garnered the second highest number of credits ever awarded by the FGBC. On October 26, 2010, Cindy Hall, President of the FGBC and a Martin County resident, presented the gold certification to the Board of County Commissioners.

What is the Green Local Government Standard?

The FGBC Green Local Government Standard designates Green Cities and Green Counties for outstanding environmental stewardship. It is expected that certified green city and county governments will not only gain recognition and publicity, but also function in a more efficient manner through better internal communication, cost reductions, and effective risk and asset management. FGBC is actively working towards the availability of incentives that are based on compliance with this standard.

What are the steps to becoming a Florida Green Local Government?

  • Learn about the Florida Green Local Government Standard.
  • Designate an office, department, or individual as Project Coordinator.
  • Determine what criteria apply to the local government.
  • Conduct a local government assessment review in cooperation with departments.
  • Schedule implementation meeting to outline path towards qualification.
  • Submit application and all necessary documentation to FGBC for evaluation.

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Strategic Energy Master Plan (SEMP)

At the November 13, 2012 Board of County Commissioner's meeting, General Services presented the Martin County Strategic Energy Master Plan (SEMP).  Adoption and implementation of this plan will provide programming to assist residents and businesses to pursue improved building efficiencies, thus reducing the County's overall carbon footprint.  General Services will return to the Board of County Commissioners in early 2013 with more specific details on how this program will work and request funding to support moving forward.


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